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Optimize your CAPABILITY …
The Charter Management Group Inc. (CMG) constantly researches prime career opportunities...
Candidates present Resumé, Personal Profiles and Curriculum Vitae of training, experience and accomplishments

  • CMG professionals function with an exemplary code of conduct. 
  • Confidentiality is supplemented with ‘best business practices’ to protect sensitive information while gaining client approval in the hiring and placement process. 
  • CMG acquires limitless opportunities, diversity and  
  • where candidates have secured positions in a world arena including Europe and Asia.
  • CMG clients appreciate professional protocol and confidentiality. 
  • CMG discretely presents your interests and accomplishments to enterprises inclined to appreciate your potential and accelerate your professional development.
  • 1st successful Job-Match system in Canada
  • Over 25 years of Performance & Relationship Development
  • Leader in Psychometric diagnostics, Person/Job correlation and application
  • Comprehensive Corporate Development & Alignment
  • Success-Based Contracts & Fee Structure
  • Thorough Introduction, Placement & Orientation Process
  • National & International Business Associations
  • Candidate interviewing and placement Proficiency
  • Specialized Candidate Sourcing, Screening & Selecting