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CMG identifies and applies best industry practices to support clients in building, developing and maintaining a high-performance workforce through a suite of integrated solutions.  CMG is committed to business growth and the CMG team provides the motivation, direction and tools necessary to bring focus and vision to your situation.

  • Instrumented learning is a key component of CMG’s training division and the combination of ‘Recruitment’ and ‘Training’ transforms workforce and management productivity into an ongoing, dynamic process.
  • CMG’s Founder and President, Ben Hoeppner, is an Authorized Distributor with Wiley Publishing (Minneapolis, MN), the world’s leading provider of DiSCÒ-based learning solutions. 
  • Associated with top trainers across North America, he achieved international recognition as recipient of the ‘Circle of Excellence’ Network Champion Award.
    Corporate Training
  • National Team of Accredited Trainers
  • Consistent Research-Based Training
  • Advanced Psychometrics
  • Leading-Edge products
  • Corporate Team-Building
  • Human Resource Training & Development
  • Implementation of Organizational Growth Benchmarks & Systems
  • Solution-Focused
  • Customizable Training
  • Personalized Reports


Corporate Certificate